Your Pet’s Mobile Grooming “Spa Experience” with Groomer by THE SEA

Our mobile grooming services arrive at your home or office door in a state-of-the-art mobile grooming van. Inside our van, your pet will have the “spa experience” of their life.

    •    Hot and cold water so that we can get the perfect bathing temperature (and we don’t need to hook in to your water – we have our own tank!).

    •    Heat and air-conditioning means your pet is comfortable no matter what the weather looks like outside.

    •    Our on-board whisper quiet generator and inverter provides us with all of the electricity we need (we do not plug into your home).

    •    Our mobile grooming van includes a full-size tub so that we can accommodate pets of ALL sizes, comfortably.

    •    Your pet will enjoy a warm-water hydro massage bath enhanced with our “Super Sudser" system along with a wide variety of our top of line, organic, all-natural shampoos and conditoners, tailored to your pet's specific needs.

    •    For optimal relaxation and pampering, we include a mini massage with our deep skin/coat conditioners or all natural essential oils made specifically for animals.

    •    You won’t find a single cage in our mobile grooming van, all dogs are towel and hand-fluff dried so your beloved furry friend won’t be anywhere near cage drying.

    •    Of course, no “spa experience” is complete without soothing music in the background while your pet enjoys their time in our clean, sterile and safe environment – right outside your front door.

    •    At the end of each grooming spa session, your pup is adorned with a premium fashionable bandana, bows, or bow ties and given a gift bag with 100% natural cookies made in the USA by small bakeries with human grade ingredients.

    •   You will receive a Pet Report Card after we have completed your dog's grooming spa session. This is a written report of services provided and observations of any health alerts that we may have noticed. 

Benefits of Regular Grooming

    •    Because your pet will be so closely examined by the groomer during the grooming process, a groomer may see extra lumps and bumps that may not normally be discovered.

    •    Regular grooming can help identify if your dog’s coat looks bad simply because it’s dirty or if there is something wrong with your dog such as allergies, poor nutrition, internal or external parasites or other diseases.

    •    Grooming can eliminate various problems such as external parasites or open sores caused by a matted and dirty coat that traps bacteria.

    •    Grooming is a part of responsible pet ownership and it contributes to the overall health and well-being of your pet.

Why Choose Mobile Grooming and

Groomer by the sea?

Whether you’re a busy professional that’s short on time, or you just don’t want your precious pup to sit in a cage all day at a groomer’s facility waiting for their turn, mobile grooming is the perfect answer to keeping your dogs happy, healthy and well-groomed.

    •      First and foremost, we practice "humanity before vanity" and vow to treat your dog with respect, kindness and as humanely as possible, no matter what circumstances arise.

    •      The "spa experience" begins with a review of your dog's custom consultation with Heidi, our professional, certified, knowledgable and caring pet stylist.  Any additional requests or instructions can then be accommodated on the spot!

    •    Groomer by the Sea is owned and operated by Heidi Hubbard, so there will be no other employees showing up or being switched out for your pup's spa day. She is certified, licensed and insured.

    •    Save yourself from the hassle of scheduling your day around the drop-off and pick-up of your pet at a grooming salon.

    •    Be comfortable in the knowledge that your furry friend is just outside your door.

    •    No more worrying about car sick pets! Our mobile van doesn’t move at all while we’re grooming.

    •    Ease your pet’s separation anxiety by eliminating the distance that you’re apart.

    •    Relax and know that your dog is receiving one-on-one attention for their whole grooming experience and never left alone.

    •    No longer worry about your pet spending an exorbitant amount of time in a cage during the grooming process and then waiting to be picked up in which they are stressing out from the sound of other dogs barking, crying and scratching at their cages. 

    •    We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our mobile spa and how that helps your pet's health and safety.  The workspace is cleaned and tools are disinfected in-between each client.

    •    Our luxury mobile dog grooming spa services ARE equal to those offered at the most high end spas around the world but exclusively for dogs! This is because we take the time to truly treat your pet like they are a king or queen.

    •    We are proud to offer our luxury services that assures your dog receives more than just a bath and haircut but a thorough pampering that helps maintain their good physical health.

    •    Our services are all customized and tailored to each individual dog, so grooming sessions last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.  We do not rush our services and if your pet needs more time, we take that time! These services are designed to give your pet a very calm and relaxing experience while keeping their skin and coat healthy and well-maintained.

    •    Rest assure, Groomer by the Sea will take care of your pet just like they are our very own.  Customer service is as much a priority for us, as it is for you and your pup.  

Our Pledge: Your pup's Spa Day should be a pleasant and stress-free experience.  Tell us if we don't get it quite right and we will try harder next time. If we ever disappoint you, please let us know within 2 days so that we can fix our shortcoming. We strive hard to never let you down. Don't like something, please let us know. Love something we do? Tell the world!