"Pay It Forward" Campaigns

At Groomer By The Sea, we strongly believe in giving back to our community and helping those who are less fortunate and struggling (be it two or four legged animals) or even greater causes that effects all of us, like our beautiful ocean here in San Diego and the sea life within it's depths. 

The original philosophy of "Pay It Forward" is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society. 

On this page, please see opportunities throughout the year to join me in my personal effort to "Pay It Forward". It will cost you nothing unless you would like to join and donate to the particular campaigns.  Sometimes becoming aware of our local community needs or even more worldly causes can be very eye-opening and beneficial not only to ourselves but to someone or something that would otherwise just be ignored. 

Groomer By The Sea is proud to actively donate and support local non-profits and businesses that are providing essential services for our communities at large, local beaches and oceans.

Our campaigns will be listed below, so check back frequently to see what we are up to...


Heidi and  The Groomer By The Sea Family  


Campaign "Healthy Dog" Winter 2017

As the holiday season is upon us, please join in my endeavor to "Pay It Forward" and bring a little comfort and joy to those pet families who are less fortunate in our community and need a little help.   

Groomer By The Sea will be donating  $120.00 to PAWS San Diego, a program of San Diego Humane Society, which helps people keep their pets by providing essential pet services and support to low-income seniors and families, chronically ill, and disabled individuals all over San Diego County.

This Campaign has been completed! Thank you biggie, Bartleby, bailey, Charlie, fergus, Olive, Gizmo, lily, lolly, ruca, sierra and tommy. 


Campaign "The Eyes Have It" Spring 2018

As we age, so do our eyes and Groomer By The Sea relies on her vision every day to provide quality, detailed pet styling. We found this really cool company called Fetch Eyewear which we believe is ideal for clients such as ours, who prefer services that come directly to their home. But it gets better...

"100% of Profits are Donated to Animal Welfare"  TRUTH!!!!    

Check them out, style up your eyes and help a four-legged friend!


Campaign “Grounds & Hounds” Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall!!!

Picture this: Drinking a nice cup of coffee early in the morning and sitting with your pup, before that morning walk and run the two of you enjoy each day! Exactly what I do on my day off. But for all those pups that do not have a wonderful life like ours, Grounds & Hounds mission is the following…

“Beyond creating the best cup of coffee possible, Grounds & Hounds was created with an overarching purpose in mind; provide every at-risk pup with a second chance at a full life.”

This company not only supports dogs in need of a helping hand by donating 20% of all their profits to rescue organizations working to make the second-chance mission a reality but also run their business in a socially responsible manner.