Our Spa Menu and Pricing


All prices are estimates and based on a schedule of 6 weeks or less.

~Our Four Luxury Spa Packages~

The PCH Signature Package - The essential spa experience:

Prices start at: Small Dogs: $85 ~ Medium Dogs: $105 ~ Large Dogs (60 lb. maximum): $125

  • Pet Consultation - for skin/coat condition assessment tailored to your dog's specific needs and to ensure the services your pet will receive is what you expect

  • Coat brushing, including 5 minutes of de-shedding and/or de-matting, extra cost if more time is required

  • Nails trimmed using a clipper, file and/or Dremel, whichever your pet allows

  • Ears cleaned and excess hair removed(as needed only, breed specific)

  • Teeth Brushing/Freshening Mouth Spray

  • Warm Water Hydro-Massage Bath with premium all natural biodegradable shampoo, completed twice for optimal coat care

  • Conditioner - if required for the type of coat

  • No-Tears Blueberry Facial and Muzzle Wash including a calming pressure point facial massage

  • Mini massage with Essential Oils or one of our premium Skin/Coat Conditioning Speciality Products

  • Towel and Hand-Fluffed Dried

  • Final Brushing

  • Touch-Up Face Trim

  • Sanitary/Hygiene Clip

  • Paws Trimmed

  • Pads Conditioned

  • Finishing Spray

  • A snazzy bow or bandana for a final fashionable touch!

  • Pet Report Card

  • Gift bag of treats to take home

This package is perfect for regular maintenance which will provide optimal coat care, tidy ups for in-between full grooms and special events.

The Beachfront Elite Package - The essential spa experience, including a breed specific/custom haircut:

Prices start at: add $20-$40

Doodles, Poodles and MixeD Breeds: We Love Them! 

Prices start at: Small: $95 ~ Medium to Standard Size: $120 - $150 for Doods, Poods and Mixes that are groomed on a regular one to four week schedule. Breed Specific/Custom Haircut: add $25-$45

Enhancements with any groom package:

  • De-Shedding: $25 per 15 minutes

  • De-Matting (if possible, without hurting your pup): $25 per 15 minutes



The Spoil-Me-Lite Pampered Pup Packages*

Includes: complementary Blueberry Facial • Fabulous Flaps • Nautical Nails  

These packages are PERFECT FOR Single Coat SHORT HAIR DOGs, Shedders, Weekly Bathers and THOSE THAT PLAY IN THE SURF AND SAND FREQUENTLY.

Examples include Chihuahuas, Boston Terriers, Pugs, French Bull Dogs, Dachshunds

Prices start at $75 for our Luxury Deep Cleaning Hydro-Massage Bath, Brush and Hand-Fluff Drying


Prices start at $85 for our Shed-less Speciality Deep Cleaning Hydro-Massage Bath, Brush and Hand-Fluff Drying

*Enhancements that are available for our Spoil-Me-Lite Pampered Pup services:

  • PAWdicure ~ Nails trimmed and shaped, paws washed and trimmed, pads massaged and conditioned: Starting at $25

  • Zen Dog ~ Mini Massage with Essential Oils or one of our premium Skin/Coat Conditioning Speciality Products: Starting at $25

  • Pearly Whites ~ Teeth Brushing and Freshening Mouth Spray: $10

  • Nautical Nails ~ Nail Trim: Starting at $10 

  • Fabulous Flaps ~ Ear Cleaning: $10  

  • Tidy Up ~ Sanitary/Hygiene Clip: $15

“It’s Not Happening Fee”…*$50

*Applicable if you forget about our appointment, if your pet is too aggressive to groom or behaviorally challenged that puts your pet and/or groomer at risk or cancelations within 48 hours.

pet Sizing:

Small Dogs: under 2o lbs. Examples include Yorkies, Maltese, Shih-Tzu, Toy Poodles, Pomeranians

Medium Dogs: 20 - 40 lbs. Examples include Cocker Spaniels, Wheaten Terriers, Corgis, Miniature Poodle

Large Dogs: over 40 - 60 lbs.* Examples include Australian Shepherds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Doodles 

*Dogs over 50 to 75 lbs are accepted on a case by case basis. Please text (760)334-3131 or email Heidi@groomerbythesea.com to discuss your pets needs.

Starting rates apply to healthy pets with well maintained coats.  Additional charges may apply to pets who are larger than average for the breed, or with health, coat Conditon or behavioral Challenges that increase grooming time.

All prices are estimates that reflect pets being groomed on a regular basis, which is from 1 to 6 weeks.

🐾Minimum Service Call is $75.00🐾