Your Pet's

Spa Appointment Details


Groomer by the Sea is looking forward to pampering your pet with a private grooming experience in our Luxury Mobile Pet Spa! If you need to change or cancel this appointment, please provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to avoid the $50 cancellation fee.

Please review the information below so you know what to expect at your appointment:

REMINDERS: We’ll send a reminder within several days of your appointment. Please look for the reminder that instructs you to reply "y" to confirm.

LOCATION: We bring our pet spa to you, provided you are in our service area. If not, we will meet you within 15-20 minutes of your appointment time at an agreed upon location.

ACCESS: We expect that you will be home unless you’ve already provided an alternate access method for Groomer by the Sea (key, garage code, etc.) Please let us know during booking if you will not be home and confirm your preferred access method.  For new clients, we required you to be home for the appointment.  

COMFORT: Please let your dog relieve themselves before we arrive. Also, if possible, refrain from feeding within an hour, prior to your appointment.  If you pet is on pain medicine, please confirm with your Veterinarian the best time to give it before spa services begin and provide Groomer by the Sea with that information.

SAFETY: For your pet’s safety going in and out of the van, please provide proper equipment - a leash and collar for your dog(s).  You are also welcome to carry and retrieve your pet, just let us know!

We use a variety of professional tools and processes to help calm and safely restrain pets as needed; however, in the rare instance that your pet can not be groomed due to behavioral or health challenges (aggressive, dangerous, health issue, etc.) there is the minimum It's Not Happening $50 Fee. 

PAYMENT: We accept most major credit cards, cash and checks.  Please remit payment at the time of service.